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Donation Policy

We are a strongly motivated network of volunteers who are committed to bring new changes and approaches in the education sector. We strongly believe that education is for all and that there are different approaches to teaching the same skill or a subject. Education is not limited to a text book and learning as they say never stops. At our organization we not only work to teach the underprivileged people but also foster growth and development of the society as a whole. Growth and education should be available to people regardless of their status, age or gender and it is our endeavor to make this possible for our current generation and the next. Be it educating the rural population about gender equality, cleanliness, hygiene or self protection to girls; letting people know the importance of environmental changes; teaching underprivileged children who cannot afford schooling or be it providing them educational assistance in order to enroll them into colleges and universities - Our organization is determined to achieve it and contribute to a better society, environment and population.