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Rohan Raut

Many of us grow up with the desire to change the world, to do something to banish all the injustices we see, to help the disadvantaged, and to make a difference to society in some meaningful way. Doing socially meaningful work is not restricted to social workers alone. I believe everyone has a part to play in it. My journey towards exercising my social conscience started in the year 2017, when I came across Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation on social media where I saw a close friend of mine working. It was he who invited me for my first ever event at the foundation which was Women’s Day. During my presence at the event, I witnessed two beautiful things, the happiness on the faces of these kids and the bond that they shared with each volunteer. With the deep desire that I had in me to contribute towards the welfare of the society I decided to join this foundation. Soon, I saw myself coming at the Worli Centre on every weekend. The co-founder of the foundation Dhaval Archana Parab briefed me about the objectives of the foundation which were education and personality development for grooming the kids for a better society for tomorrow. Initially, while teaching the kids of different age group, right from the age 3 to 15, I identified that although these kids did go to government run schools, there was a need for an extra aid to help them improve their English which the foundation essentially focused on. Every week there would be at least one activity that involved reading either in the form of newspaper or a story book coupled with essay writing and grammar practice which could help kids enhance their ability to read, write and speak English. Also, it was being ensured that the reading activity of every kid happens in the presence all the other kids so that they inculcate the quality of public speaking amongst them. Not only does the foundation believes in educating these kids but they also take good care of their physical and mental wellbeing by organising medical camps for their health check-up and sports day to encourage healthy living. Simultaneously, there are many awareness programmes organised on the premise of Self-defence, what is Good Touch What is Bad Touch to create necessary awareness amongst the kids. The foundation also believes in empowering a child’s hobbies for which they also keep dance, art and craft workshops from time to time. During their summer vacation, the kids come in huge number to be a part of the summer camp organised by the foundation. Apart from educational visits made to Aquarium, Museum the kids also enjoy some fun visits. The foundation also has had association with top corporates for conducting CSR activities and has so far conducted CSRs with companies like Anarock, DBS Bank, GRID91 and many more where the employees of the company come and have a heart to heart engagement with the kids of the foundation. Besides, the foundation celebrates many festivals and occasions like Diwali, Holi, Independence Day, Anti-child Labour Day, Women’s Day with the kids. Within a year’s time, the foundation was successful in expanding it horizons with its two new centres at Dadar and Kandivali, and it envisages to open many more such centres throughout India and become a source of help for many more underprivileged kids spread across the country. Talking about my experience of working for the foundation I joined this foundation to help make a difference in the life of these kids but little did I know that, like I helped them, they were also helping me some way. Spending time with these kids helped me get over all of my weeks stress. Tiny packets of happiness that they are, they transfer lot of their energy to you through their love and affection for you. At the end of the day, if you get to see that the kid has grasped whatever you’ve thought in the session it gives you immense satisfaction and inner peace. My fellow volunteers are very altruistic, seldom do they think about their commitments for weekends and they contribute their valuable time for these kids. Not only do they nurture the talent of these kids but they also help them understand how uniquely precious they are. I believe and I hope that the time and effort that we all have expended on these kids contributes towards shaping a better society for that we all dream off- a society of values, a society of knowledge and most importantly a society of right individuals. - Rohan Raut ( Kutumba Foundation Volunteer )

Sanket Wani

"I enjoy volunteering for Kutumba Foundation as the organisation works towards educating underprivileged children. While spending our time with the kids at Kutumba, we as volunteers also learn a lot. They are very enthusiastic to learn new things which motivates us to level up and find better ways to help them reach their potential. The management at Kutumba too is always open to new ideas and encourage creativity.They also implement them promptly.
It's is a privilege to volunteer in an NGO like Kutumba!"
- Sanket Wani, Volunteer at Kutumba Foundation

Darshana Pandya

I have been blessed to be with kids from past 25 years and have always tried to stay connected as a contributor. Kids world has made me learn much more than I might have taught them.
The best thing about being with Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation is their belief and reason to start this NGO. The team of Kutumba are none other than today's future, young people who are giving their every bit to bring a change to give these children a better life.
It showcases the noble and responsible feel of the founders who have taken up this cause as their responsibility as a priority along with other responsibility of their day to day living.
Would love to be officially associated with them in every way I can and as long as I can. - Darshana Pandya ( Volunteer / Centre Coordinator )

Nahush Kasture

"Child is the father of man. When you #volunteer or work with Kutumba you are not just teaching kids but at the same time learning from them. I believe that the little #children we work with are somewhere creating a big difference in our lives" - Nahush Kasture, 23-year-old student (volunteer at Kutumba) ​ Volunteers are the pillars of our not for profit organisation working toward the upliftment of underprivileged children. Inspire us to grow and help in building lives; Volunteer with us!

Vaishali Agarwal

We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know.” –W.H. Auden_ I did always feel a tug and a pull towards people in need. A desire to reach out to help in any which way I could. While I lead and always have led a privileged life, there have been a few very trying days in my life. It was during these days that I realized just how lucky I am. God has blessed me in so many ways. And I needed to find a way to pay back my gratitude with a cause that's bigger than me. I felt that even if I could make a small difference in someone's life, I will be a happier person. Firstly I was drawn towards #KutumbaFoundation as they work with #children. Then as I got involved in the activites of the foundation I realized the large impact they make on a childs life. #Kutumba has empowered more than 100 children, elevating their mind and spirit so they can become a contributing member of the #society and soon the #world.

Sagar Chavan

As we know #Kutumba means family in marathi. As it is rightly said family is the first #school of one's life which enrich its roots. Similarly, Kutumba foundation play a prominent role in the life the many #children associated with them. It is always a pleasure for me to serve to the #society through Kutumba. As Kutumba #Foundation inculcates great value to the children who are the future to the #society and will give back to the society in their best way. - Sagar Chavan, 21-year-old student (volunteer at Kutumba) Become a #volunteer with us!

Raj Shah

" I wanted to give back to the #society in a way which was selfless and at the same time try to develop my personality. Being able to help the kids at #Kutumba has been a very humbling and enlightening experience." - Raj Shah, 21-year-old student (volunteer at Kutumba) Get inspired by the testimonials of our young and enthusiastic volunteers and join us in forwarding our cause at Kutumba. Become a #volunteer with us!

Dhaval Parab

"In this life we cannot do great things but we can only do small things with great love." A great maxim by Mother Teresa.
For the first 18 yrs of my life I was completely dedicated to sports. Breath ate n slept sports. At heart I was a sportsperson (cricketer)devoted to my country with only one thought in my play for my country. But for some unavoidable reasons my dream never materialized.
After a great turmoil in my personal n professional life a single question pestered me...what had I done for my country my society my community? What?
My thought process gave way to a solution!!! I got my answer. It was a calling..I and my best friend together took the initiative to start a foundation that would benefit the society as a whole.. Poverty is a vicious circle. Poverty leads to poverty. No money no education. No education no income. No income leads to poverty. The root cause of poverty is no education.
Today I can proudly say that we are moving in the right direction. We are trying to provide education along with self development so that they can face the real world when the time comes. Overall development is necessary and we are moving in that direction. Each student each parent each employee and each volunteer has become our extended family. It’s been 2 years and we are steadily progressing to our goal. Nearly 30 employees n volunteers have joined us.
My mission is to change the lives of this underprivileged children so that they can achieve something in life. But this task is huge ...Not a one man show. It requires the help of people like you who can build up a support system of such a noble cause. N yesss!!!
I have the determination to fulfill this dream and bring a positive change in my entire country. We have established 3 centres in Mumbai namely at Worli Dadar & kandivali. But my wish is to take it to every state and city of India.
We have been blessed so far and wish that with your continued support we can achieve our goals. - Dhaval Parab ( Co-Founder )

Megha Sharma

I had just gone through the kutumba foundation website..Really like their work and the time they take out to care for the needy. If you are interested, take time going through what they do and may be help out the needy in your own way. Intention is to be a human and show compassion to another - All that matters.well done dhaval u Nd ur team r doing a great job

Sameepa Rane Ausarkar

Education is da basic necessity for todays generation. For kids who cannot afford even the basic education kutumba foundation does the job for them..educating kids from the proud of the work they carry.they are shaping the future of our country. Keep it up!

Sumita Shrivastava

This foundation educates the poor and needy, and helps them toward a bright future! Uttaran Foundation is phenomenal and deserves to be well-known. This kind of philanthropy is beautiful and remarkable in every way. Our kids are the future of this country and this foundation is contributing to making the future of our country brighter and better!

Baljit Chudji

Dhaval, My dear shy little boy... Proud to see you being associated with a foundation that is working towards strengthening the foundation of tomorrow's youth and the country. My blessings and wishes are with all the people who are associated with Uttaran, sparing their valuable time and working selflessly for the education of the underprivileged. God bless you all with all that ur heart desires.

Ankita Chitre

This is a beautiful deed u r doing by educating the "future of our country". Educating a single child too is going to spreads smiles all over, n m sure u will live upto ur pwn expectations! Alwayz there to help u(medical help) or be it spreading a wrd around! God bless u and the organisation "Uttaran" Cheersssssss!!!

Rohan Khanna

Great initiative for a great cause! The group of people running this are highly motivated and dedicated to the cause of education and and growth of those who don't have the opportunity.

Vivek Arote

Great ideology and purpose. Giving back to society is always the best we can do and you People are doing much more. Keep it up.

Rhea Savant

It's every child's right... This is a beautiful way to make it happen. Great efforts and proud to know somebody is working so hard to make every underprivileged child's dream come true.

Aditya Dabholkar

It takes someone special to be an educator; a person who cares for others, and aims to help students grow to their fullest potential., along with having an interest in making a substantial difference in the future of children.

Vidhi Kothari

Great initiative guys , you guys would definitely be giving HOPE and FAITH to many . Good to see someone is actual standing on the plate and doing what needs to be done . Good job

Vidhi Kothari

Literacy can only bring a big change in society. End to all evils and curruption. Education -a step to brighter future.Great initiative. Keep it up!!

Muby Williams

Take a bow Dhawal for your your endeavour .. reaching out to so many children, changing lives and spreading smiles Kudos Kutumba for such a good initiation

Megha Jamb Randhawa

A great effort by the team members and volunteers to inculcate positive habits in the children and make a difference in their lives.

Priyanka Dewan Sahni

It's a great initiative.. Education can solve many problems. An educated person lyk u can bring a great change in the society by educating the financially weaker section of the society...Only few people think lyk u Dhaval. Bravo man!! You guys will rock..

Nitish Sabnis

The most fantastic gift being given to the children by Kutumba. The gift of education and creating opportunities for them. Keep up the good work!

Virender Kumar Tomer

This is amazing , and I really appreciate and wish to join hands with Kutumba for help children. Education for all.

Peter Lasrado

Its education that helps in development of an individual and a country....happiness and respect for people involved in this noble cause.

Pranay Sawant

Great going... According to me to educate people is biggest satisfaction .. I will be happy to volunteer

Nitin Darekar

Good initiative. . It will be big and one of the best foundation #LetsEducate

Mudaliyar Ranjesh

Love to work for such foundation which is helping future generation for education.. Best luck and I am ready for volunteering:)

Maitreyi Sharad Nigweka

Great initiative Dhaval! Education is the answer!! Way to go!!

Amit Parmar

Amazing foundation! As Mr. Mandela said.. Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world!

Supriya Kamath

Excellent initiative and good work done. Keep it up!

Yogita Patil

Amazing foundation Education a step to brighter future.Great initiative. Keep it up!!

Rishikesh More

Excellent contribution towards society .. Keep going

Mazar Savel

Best of luck .. great work Happy to see such initiative happening

Jerymar Del Mar

Great initiative!!! We need more foundations like Uttaran. Congratulations for the initiative.